There are fascinating beaches in Ghana. Many beaches are places of work for fishermen. There are also strong rip tides at many locations, making some beaches dangerous for swimming so there is the need to always inquire from the local people about the ocean before entering it.

These beaches are located near the coastal village of Axim, west of Takoradi, in the Western region

This beach is located in La, at the western edge of Accra. It has a three-km beach front that offers wide variety of activities. The beach is blessed with strong winds. The wide expanse right for Frisbee, football and beach volleyball. Changing-room facilities, restaurants, snack bars and shower rooms are plentiful on the beach.

There is an entrance fee for getting into this beach. Entertainment by musicians, performers and acrobats take place here regularly and there are always vendors selling crafts, usually at a significant markup.

One hundred km east of Accra is Ada Beach. This coastal beach town is located at the estuary of the Volta River. It is an area of great scenic beauty. Its extensive sand bars have become nesting grounds for sea birds. Endangered species of marine turtles can also be found here.

This is a perfect haven for skiing, fishing and other water sports. The beach also has a marina nearby, perfect for yachting. The beaches east of Accra are typically less visited by tourists, so you are less likely to encounter requests for “tips” and more likely to be able to have an authentic social interaction with locals

Cocoloco beach is a breeding ground for sea turtles, as well as a sanctuary for estuarine birds. Near Ada, the Cocoloco Beach is also located east of Accra, where the Volta River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is a perfect destination not only for beach combers but also for nature lovers, as well.

About an hour west of Accra you will find a fantastic beach that is rarely visited. This town, perched on a hillside, slopes down to two lovely sandy beaches. Located nearby is the fishing village of Senya Beraku, which is home to one of our less visited smaller forts, the Fort of Good Hope. This is the closest beach to Accra that is suitable for surfing.
The beaches around Elmina are among the most beautiful beaches along West Africa. The waves are mostly quite strong and a wide line of palm trees bordering the coastline makes a perfect scene. Walking around here is great, and so is sitting in the shade of the palms, with a great view of St. George’s Castle. No litter, no entrance fees and no loud music..

Busua Beach is located on several acres of natural sandy beaches about 45 kms west of the port city of Takoradi in Ghana’s Western Region, about a 5.5 hour drive from Accra. Busua beach is a wonderful place to be, with its night cool breeze and accommodating atmosphere. The water here is serene and most inviting. The beach stretches for miles and isn’t littered with trash or excess people, partly because of its more remote location. More of an effort to get there, it is well worth the trip.